Web Guiding

Challenge: The guiding and control of the web position at maximum web speeds throughout all processes like unwinding, production, cutting and rewinding.

Solution: Material maintains a straight path using control algorithms for each type of material and process.

Web Guide System: A web guide system consists of 3 parts namely Controller, Sensor and Actuator.

Web Guiding from BST eltromat  are used in all kinds of machines. Printing machines use the web guiding to keep the edge or centre of the Web straight through the press and is commonly found on all label presses, CI Flexo Presses, Gravure presses or any finishing machine including Slitter rewinders, laminating machines or on any other machine where the web type of material needs to be kept straight. Sareltech has installed many web guiding systems at our customers around South Africa and we will gladly assist customers in Cape Town, Gauteng or Durban as we travel to these areas regularly.


Narrow Web CGSize1-3308x201
Flexo PrintingCLSPro600_300x200
Gravure PrintingBST Gravure Webguide300x200
ExtrusionBST Extruder Webguide300x200

Web Guiding Products

Compact Web Guide CGSize1_300x200
CLS Line SensorCLSPro600_300x200
EMS21 ActuatorEMS21_300x200
US2010 US SensorUS2010Sensor_300x200
Ekr 500 ControllerEKR500_2_300x200
Procom 60 ControllerProcom60_300x200
EMS18 ActuatorEMS18_300x200
Compact Guide Size 2CGSize_2_300x200
EMS23 ActuatorEMS23_300x200
EMS22 ActuatorEMS22_300x200
IR2011/40 SensorIR Sensor 300x200
CCD 100 CameraCCD100_300x200
Extruder Web GuideBST Extruder Webguide300x200
Large Web GuideBST Gravure Webguide300x200
New Eco GuideEcoguide300x200


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