Fraser 3014 Compact Short Range Anti Static Bar

Ideal Operating Distance – 20 – 150 mm Range

Please note that this Anti-Static Bar is powered by a 24Vdc PSU that is sold separately or can be powered from the machine 24Vdc with appropriate cable.

Download the 3014 Anti Static Bar Brochure here

Other lengths are available. Please contact us for more information about this



Market leading performance in a very compact Bar for compatibility with modern machinery. Integrated high voltage power supply, requires only a low voltage 24 V DC input. The 3014 represents another leap forward in DC Static Control technology from Fraser Anti-Static Techniques. This compact 24 V DC static eliminator is an ideal (and more powerful) alternative to traditional AC powered static control bars. The compact profile allows the bar to be situated closer to the material being treated and more easily integrated with modern machinery designs. To discuss your requirements and determine that the 3014 would be a suitable compact static eliminator for your situation, please download the data sheet and contact an engineer at Fraser Anti-Static today.
  • Emitters made from tungsten for best long term performance; Resistively coupled for shockless operation.
  • LED status indication: Bar OK: (green), fault: (red). Clean Me: (alternating red/green).
  • Remote monitoring of operational status and cleanliness through 24 V signals.
  • Effective length = 20 mm less than overall length.
  • Standard M8 4 pin connector.
  • Best operational distance: 20 mm to over 150 mm.

For more information on this product, or help with your specific application needs, please contact us.

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250mm, 330mm, 450mm, 610mm, 770mm, 1010mm, 1370mm


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