BST Actuator EMS 18/100/2.4/CX

Please note – If a complete Web Guide System consisting of a sensor, controller and actuator is ordered, we are able to offer system discount pricing.

Actuator EMS 18, 100mm stroke,20mm/sec,CX type Mounting

Download the EMS 18 CX Type Mounting Brochure here


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Electromechanical actuators are implemented wherever very quick reactions to changes in the web position are necessary. The connection of the actuator can take place directly at the control unit. The ready-to-fit construction allows for quick and inexpensive installation, which is also beneficial in the retrofit of existing systems.
The BST eltromat EMS 18 actuator has a stroke of up to 200 mm, with a positioning force of up to 840 N. Various combinations of stroke, positioning force, and speed are possible.
Use the BST eltromat actuator in combination with our positioning devices for a number of web guiding tasks.
BST eltromat EMS 18 at a Glance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Plug connection
  • Incl. position feedback, limits, and servo-center
  • For curved or linear movement
  • Various combinations of stroke, positioning force, and speed possible

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