BST Webguide Ultrasonic Edge Sensor US2010/40

Please note – If a complete Web Guide System consisting of a sensor, controller and actuator is ordered, we are able to offer system discount pricing.

Download the Ultrasonic Edge Sensor US2010/40 Brochure here



The ultrasonic sensors from BST eltromat International facilitate the touch-free scanning of the web edge using ultrasonic waves. BST eltromat Ultrasonic Sensors at a Glance
  • Resistant to dirt and variations in material transparency
  • Measurement values not influenced by height fluctuations in the material in the sensor scanning area
  • Compensates for disturbances through external sources of noise and other ambient influences
  • Areas of application:
    • Materials with dust- or fiber-like deposits
    • High transparency films
    • Films with changing transparency
    • Light-sensitive materials

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