The 3014 Static Eliminator offers all of the performance and control benefits of 24 V DC technology in a compact and inexpensive design.

More About The Bar

  • Operating distance 20 – 150 mm
  • 20 mm emitter pitch for intense ionisation
  • Tungsten emitters guarantee an unlimited life, resistively coupled for shockless operation
  • 24 V DC operation, 7.5 kV ionising power supply integrated into bar
  • LED indication of operational status of bar and whether it needs cleaning
  • Duplicate remote signals for PLC or to power external lamps, relays
  • Remote on/off switching

Dimensions: 20 mm x 32.5 mm (W x H) | Available Lengths: 250 mm, then in steps of 40 mm to 4010 mm | Active Length = 20 mm less than overall length.