Doteco Gravimetric & Feeding

Gravimetric Feeding

  • As it is unaffected by bulk density variations in the material to be metered, there is no need for the frequent calibration operations required by volumetric feeders.
  • Guaranteed constant quality and repeatability.
  • Accuracy leading to considerable savings in raw material, the ingredients are metered without waste.
  • Supplies process information for quality assurance.

Automatic Gauge Control

  • Time between switching on the profil control system and having the profile distribution at the half start-up sigma value
  • Minimal achieved sigma value
  • Ability to quickly adapt to non predictable changes in the process needs to fulfill the Benchmarks
  • The thickness gauge and the profile control system must be perfectly lined-up in machine direction
  • The basic centration of the die must be as good as possible
  • Take care that profile variations are a combination of Machine Direction (MD) variations and Transverse Direction (TD) variations. The Profile Control System can be effective to reduce only TD variations. Hence to get a flat film, MD variations should be also reduced.

IBC & Lay-Flat Control

  • Systems for in-line width measuring and control are increasingly used to ensure film dimension consistency and minimal tolerances.

Loading & Conveying

  • Smartconvey – Central Vacuum Conveying System
  • Conveying – Central Vacuum Conveying System
  • Suko-T – 3-Phase Single Hopper Loader

Supervision & Data Acquisition

  • Operator Interface
  • Dotexa Viewer – Data Control & Management System
  • Dotexa Manager – Supervision System for Blown Film Line Management
  • Dotexa Vista – Extruding Line Supervisory System