Viscosity Systems

Viscosity Systems – GAMA International Srl was founded on December 2012 in Milan to follow the worldwide business of the GAMA Group. Their goal is to be recognized more and more as INK QUALITY CONTROL Leader Company, introducing the wide range of their systems (with the advanced Vibration Technologies) and products (G26, G29 for water-based ink, ink temperature Control System, pH Control System, Ink Quantity System and more). The Team in Milan is ready to support with any information, future orders, spare parts and much more.

GAMA supplies an advanced viscosity control system through a vibration sensor immersed in the ink, without moving parts. They also supply a special ink cooling exchanger in order to cool the ink. Their products and services are compatible with the following brands: Uteco, Cerutti, Bobst, Flexotecnica and any other gravure/flexo presses.