Flexo & Roto Viscosity Control Systems

Viscosity Control systems for ink, adhesives and varnishes. Solutions with measurement technology and viscosity control by vibration technology.
From the experience of GAMA in the packaging market, and with the support of I&C and of R&D of leading Press Suppliers, the viscosimeters VIS G26 and G29  have been developed: simple tools, compact and easy to use, that control ink viscosity, both solvent based and water based, integrated in the pipe for the distribution of the ink from the container to the printing unit.

The VIS G26, projected to ensure the quality of the printed product, is based on a principle of ink control through the vibration of a sensor, diapason, that in contact with the ink softens its vibration and creates a wave that goes through the liquid. The observed data are elaborated and transformed in Ford or Zhaan cup values.

The viscosity values are compared with the set up data and, for every variation, the Supervisor elaborates “on the fly” the perfect formula of ink-solvent and will automatically modify the percentage of solvent in the ink. The System provides the operator with a production report about the viscosity’s, temperature’s and quantity’s deviation of the solvent used. The sophisticated software of Gama allows an ink control every 10’’ for an accurate quality of printing.