When it comes to anilox rolls, Linde focusses on more than just the performance and durability of the coating. They take extensive measures to ensure that the rolls are mechanically sound and the engravings are exact.

Manufacturing each anilox roll to meet the OEM requirements for the press and unique specifications and coat each one with exclusive ceramic coating made of 99%-pure chrome oxide for optimal porosity, bond strength and density. One of the hardest coatings in the industry, their ceramic coating maintains an average hardness of 1300 Vickers and can be ground and polished to maximize surface integrity and service life of the roll.

Finally, they laser engrave the anilox rolls to produce the proper cell volume and structure essential for accurate color reproduction and consistent ink release. The microscopic pattern engravings are specific to your print application and can range from eight lines per inch to high-resolution patterns of 1300 lines per inch.