Speakers at the Durban Flex-On-Road seminar includes Roberto (Curioni Sun), Ryno Oosthuizen (Sareltech), Daniele Cerasaro (GAP), Geert Penne (Linde) Don Mac Farlane (Woolworths Brand Owner), Sarel Oosthuizen (Sareltech), Anan Hiyasat (Uteco), Przemek Gozdzinski (Jurmet), Katarzyna Goździńska (Jurmet)

After the success of Flex-On-Road 2022, a third stop was added to the week long roadshow. The first stop kicked off in Durban, with the second stop in Johannesburg and Cape Town following right after. Each speaker presented interesting topics in their specific fields, with Don Mac Farlane, a brand owner from Woolworths, giving us a dynamic and informative presentation about sustainability in the food packaging industry.