Bandera is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing top performance Blown Film Lines. Complete single layer and multi-layer film solutions for the production of technical packaging film, for application in food fields, agrifilm, biodegradable film and thick film for geomembranes intended for civil and industrial waterproofing systems. Bandera innovative know-how and technologies are also applied to cutting edge thermoplastic process for the production of HDBs, shoppers, and bags of different shapes and sizes, as well as shrink film, pallet wrapping and stretch hood.

Bandera Blown Film extrusion range includes:

  • Smartflex® – Blown Film lines (1, 3 and 5 layers), characterized by a competitive investment level, maximized flexibility for different applications/recipes, power consumption reduction, functional and compact layout featuring frames modularity
  • BarrierFlex® – Blown Film lines for the production of barrier and high-barrier film with symmetrical and asymmetrical film structures (7, 9 and 11 layers)
  • HDB Flex® – Blown Film lines for the production of industrial bags
  • Agrifuture – Blown Film lines for the production of agricultural film
  • Geofuture – Blown Film lines for the production of geomembrane