Expanding the Italian Family even more with GAMA

Sareltech has joined forces with GAMA International and is now the Agent for this Italian name in South Africa. GAMA is a leader in the ink quality control sector and a fantastic addition to our services.

GAMA International was founded in December 2012 in Milan to follow the worldwide business of the GAMA Group. The group designs and manufactures automated control systems for inks, varnishes glue and adhesives for packaging, labels and converting applications.

They are also a leading solution provider into the packaging printing industry whose main commitment is to deliver efficient and innovative systems for ink, solvent and glue viscosity control to be used onto offset, flexographic and gravure printing presses.

GAMA supplies an advanced viscosity control system through a vibration sensor immersed in the ink, without moving parts. They also supply a special ink cooling exchanger in order to cool the ink.

Their products and services are compatible with the following brands: Uteco, Cerutti, Bobst, Flexotecnica and any other gravure/flexo presses.

Sareltech is always on the lookout for companies that have the same drive and focus that we have and with GAMA it was, yet again, a perfect combination. GAMA International is driven by benefiting their customers by having better performance on their printing equipment and to create efficient, safe, reliable and stable streamlined printing workflow.