The X-12L is a powerful and intelligent 24 V DC static eliminator, providing 12 kV of ionising power for longer distances up to 600 mm.

More About The Bar

  • Compact size with fully encapsulated electronics
  • Shockless, tungsten emitters guarantee a long life
  • 100 % coverage: overall length = effective length
  • X-SERIES intelligence has three automatic and three manual settings, giving the operator the ability to optimise performance for actual conditions
  • Local LED indication of status of bar and whether it needs cleaning
  • Duplicate signals for PLC or to power external lamps, relays
  • External on/off switching and standby mode

Dimensions: 25 mm x 45.0 mm (W x H) | Available Lengths: 300 mm, then in steps of 60 mm to 4980 mm.