Raising The Bar: Launching The New X-SERIES

Powerful new products deliver best-ever performance.

The revolution in static-control is here.

Introducing the powerful new X-SERIES, built around the most advanced technology yet to give you the best-ever performance and reliability.

Raising the bar for electrostatic control – the new X-SERIES range moves the world of static control to a new level with built-in reactive intelligence for exceptional neutralisation.

The entire range of X-SERIES products has in-built reactive intelligence, automatically adjusting the ionisation output of the bar as required. Built around the most advanced technology yet, the X-SERIES products surpass the exceptional performance of the previous NEOS range, eliminating static more effectively than ever.

The range includes:
  • X-33 – The most powerful bar in the range.  Perfect for long-range static control applications where high-power static neutralisation is needed.
  • X-20 – The ‘all-rounder’ suitable for most applications where consistent performance and exceptional reliability are key.
  • X-12L – A medium range, 12kV bar ideal for increased distance static elimination.
  • X-12F – A short-range static elimination expert.  Specifically designed for rapid, close range static elimination.