The First Inelme Laser Anilox Cleaner Installation in South Africa

Leon Carstens from Sareltech and Jose from Inelme did the Commissioning and training for the first Inelme Laser Anilox Cleaner Installation in South Africa.

Inelme is a Spanish company that is present in more than forty counties with hundreds of running equipment around the world. The tremendous experience gained in the fields, brings an efficient, accurate, secure, and high-quality cleaning machine.

Anilox laser cleaning is a more modern way of cleaning anilox rolls and is rapidly replacing the traditional methods such as media blast, ultrasonic, and chemical wash.

The contact-free laser provides a cleaning without any mechanical, chemical, or unhealthy thermal load on the anilox. The laser beam is directed to the anilox surface and the pulse’s output power are controlled in a way that protects the ceramic layer and the engraved cells.